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Media Kit

Pricing and Placement Opportunities

The following rates reflect an annual pricing structure. Your company's listing appears in the SBIA Private Equity Directory for a year.

Basic Listing:

A Basic Listing is free of charge to SBIA Members and $200 for non-Members and includes the company’s name, address, and phone number. The Basic Listing offers placement within up to five categories of the company’s choice.

Enhanced Profile Listing:

Basic listings may be upgraded to an Enhanced Profile Listing. Members receive a discount off the stated price. Please contact SBIA for your special promo code via email Directory@sbia.org.These paid listings include:

  • Additional company information including: company logo, tagline, website URL, email address, fax, full HTML description with embedded links, embedded Google map, and complete contact information for the primary contact of the organization
  • Larger listing size and placement above all basic free listings
  • Company logo placement and tagline on the directory subcategory and search results pages
  • Placement within up to ten subcategories of the company's choice
  • Enhanced search engine optimization of listing contents

There are three options for a paid listing within the SBIA Private Equity Directory:

  • Enhanced Listing – This listing will appear in up to ten categories within the directory and appear in alphabetical order above the basic free listings [Annual Fee of $400]
    • Additional categories may be added beyond the initial ten categories (up to twenty) [Adds $50 per category]
  • Deluxe Listing – This is an Enhanced Listing that guarantees placement on the first page within a subcategory. Deluxe Listings are available on a first come, first served basis for each subcategory. [Adds $99 per Subcategory]
  • Premium Listing – This is an Enhanced Listing that guarantees placement on the first page within the first three results of a subcategory. Premium Listings are available on a first come, first served basis for each subcategory selected by a company. [Adds $799 per Subcategory]


There are four rotational banner ad zones on the Home Page and sub-pages and three text-only zones only on the Home Page of the directory. The price for an advertising option is the Enhanced Package listing plus the amount featured below.

Banner Ad: Leaderboard (728 x 90): $2,500

Banner Ad: Footer (728 x 90): $1,000

Banner Ad: Skyscraper Left Column (120 x 600): $1,350

Banner Ad: Skyscraper Right Column (120 x 600): $1,350

Home Page Text-Only Featured Listing:

There are three text-only zones on the Home Page that allow directory-listed companies with paid listings to enhance exposure of their listings. The price of a Home Page Text-Only Featured Listing is any Enhanced Package listing plus $750.

Home Page Prime Banner Ad Listing:

The option of securing one of the four home page positions as a static banner position. The price for a Home Page Prime Listing is the enhanced listing plus $3000. To include banners on other pages, the price would be the cost of the chosen banner ad zone.

All banners must be in one of the following formats GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, or PNG and be less than 250KB in size.