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60 Madison Ave
Ste 701
New York, NY 10010-1680
United States
Argentum Group

Providing Capital to Build Industry Leading Service Businesses

Argentum invests in rapidly growing service businesses at the small end of the middle-market. We pursue a buy & build strategy for businesses that can scale into much larger enterprises through a combination of organic growth and a targeted acquisition strategy. Since raising our first fund in 1990, we have invested in over 70 companies and supported over 150 add-on acquisitions by our portfolio companies.

We invest in the following service industries:

  • Business services
  • Technology-enabled services
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical services
  • Industrial / Environmental services
  • Transportation / Logistics
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Argentum Group | 60 Madison Ave Ste 701 New York, NY 10010-1680 United States | 212x-949x-8294
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